Special Events

Lev Shelo


Shabbat, November 10th, 2018

10:30am—12:30 pm

Alliance Bible Church

2601 Iron Springs Road

Prescott, AZ 86305


Come join Ahava B’Shem Yeshua for a time of worship with Lev Shelo! Lev Shelo means "His heart" in Hebrew and it is the heart of founding members, Mark Keller and Corry Bell, to bring to audiences around the world a worship experience set in a Jewish motif.  

It is our prayer and sincere hope that you will find our music palatable, soothing, inspiring, healing and worthwhile - enough so that you will want to support our on-going efforts by purchasing our CDs and inviting us to come and share at your congregation or event. Lev Shelo is not only about music, but we are also about "avodah", or "service" to our community.  We invite you to visit a ministry in Israel that we support through pragmatic means by clicking : https://levshelo.com/soupkitchen.cfm.  Think about it; pray about it and then...put your faith in action! Please see our website for more information:



We will be taking up a Love Offering following the time of Worship!