Ministries We Support

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  • Jewish Voice Ministries International

    We exist to transform lives and see all of Israel saved.

    It is the mission of Jewish Voice Ministries to:

    • Proclaim the Gospel
    • Grow the Messianic Jewish community
    • Engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people
    Jewish Voice carries out this mission through a many-faceted ministry that includes humanitarian medical outreaches, large-scale international festivals, congregation planting and leadership training, television, print media, digital channels, and speaking engagements.
  • MJAA Joseph Project

    In 2017, Joseph Project Israel Relief was by far the number one importer of humanitarian aid in Israel. since its founding the Joseph Project has distributed approximately $ 100 million in aid to needy Israelis, as well as Arab Christians and Muslims. The MJAA annually collects, ships and pays for containers of humanitarian aid filled with clothing, furniture, household goods, medical supplies and other life-saving resources. 

  • Alliance for Israel Advocacy

    The Alliance for Israel Advocacy (AIA) seeks to activate and organize American support for Israel by articulating Israel’s Biblical claim to the Land. The Alliance for Israel Advocacy is the public advocacy arm of the Messianic movement, which are Messianic Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus). AIA is a ministry of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Amrica. AIA seeks to equip the Christian Church to stand with Israel. AIA also provides policy makers and the media with resources to foster greater understanding of the Biblical case for Israel's claim to the historic Land of Israel, her right to self-determination, and for her role in world redemption.

  • Israel Food Outreach

    Our Mission: To feed and care for the needy of ISRAEL. 

    • When you CARE about the hungry and homeless
    • When you CARE about the hopeless and helpless
    • When you CARE about the victims of endless war

    Then you CARE about Israel and her people